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Below is a timeline of how it all started for Urban Reform to now becoming the BEST Hybrid facility in the centre of Manchester.

Welcome to the UR Family

Urban Reform was created to support those living and working in the busy city of Manchester, Dean and Rick made it their mission from first hand experience of working CRAZY hours, never ending deadlines and with no where to turn.

Dean and Rick wanted to create an outlet, a chance for busy professionals to thrive and be the best version of themselves and most importantly putting YOU as the client first.

This is where Urban Reform was born to transform lives which started on city centre parks to build the community that instilled values of anything is possible.

What's it like to train at UR?

Street Fitness to Hybrid Training 

As coaches we learnt to teach anywhere and everywhere which developed our skills to push clients with little or no equipment. This street style of training was like no other and our busy professionals were training like machines and hitting better results from clients in state of the art gyms.

This is where Hybrid training starting for the UR team where they fine tuned the art of cardiovascular fitness and strength work which has turned beginners into elite performing athletes.



Hyrox AG 3rd place in Copenhagen

"Urban Reform is a proper facility. A very welcoming community, you'll find people of abilities and backgrounds supporting each other. The classes are very rewarding and constructed by proper performance coaches. The equipment and facility is tailored to push performance and results.

It's refreshing to find a gym with no egos from coaches or punters. The community is very welcoming and people support each other. Especially outside of the on Hyrox days.

The Hyrox program is very good. My running has massively improved as a result. Big up the coaches; Mo, Jack, G, Louis and the owners Dean and Rick"
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HYBRID training at UR

Urban Reform excel at Unlocking the hidden potential in busy professionals, each individual we work with is coached to be the best they can possibly be.

We foster a culture of humility, respect and support, cultivating an inclusive environment where there is a clear pathway from beginner to elite.

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