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Hybrid classes

A full list of our Hybrid/Hyrox services

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Hyrox competition

The end of week Sunday send is all about creating a competition environment and preparing your body for event day. The session is 90 minutes long in a large group environment.

This is where we make use of the outdoor park for the compromised runs and the inside for the functional fitness.

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Hybrid Strength

Full body strength programs to improve overall power and strength for competition.

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Hybrid Recovery

Ideal for rehabilitation and making sure your body is robust for Hybrid specific competition.

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Hybrid Engine

The high intensity functional class is simply about your engine, to continue to compete whilst you're under extreme fatigue. The team will push your body weekly to sustain high intensity for longer. These sessions will be focused around Hyrox specific sessions.

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Hybrid Track

The track session is specifically a running class to increase your time over distance. The team of experienced runners, will focus on a proven running program to achieve success in Hybrid specific events such as DEKA, HYROX and ATHX

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The perfect combination for those who love to lift and is looking to move their body through handstands, muscle ups and callisthenics.

You will learn to olympic lift and the components behind it and build essential power which will help you to move quicker within events.

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