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What is Hybrid fitness training?

Hybrid training is a combination of a variety of approaches to training which include- Strength, functional fitness, cardio and endurance. One of the great benefits to Hybrid training is its flexibility in customisation, allowing this style of training to be tailored to individual goals and competition preparation.

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Steph Butler

Hyrox AG doubles winners in Stockholm 2024


"Urban Reform is the best! It's honestly changed my life. I've gone from just joining to what it's all about and getting fit, to falling in love with Hyrox and competing; they've made my fitness and running come on so much in such a short space of time!!!

The coaches are incredible. Always so upbeat, positive and only ever wanting you to succeed. The atmosphere training at Urban Reform is amazing and I look forward to my sessions each week:

1) to get a kick out of training hard
2) to spend time with the girlies"

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