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Hello, I'm Alex

I have 5 years experience as an online and PT coach, where I started my passion for fitness getting a thrill out of creating classes that pushed my clients through high intensity exercise sessions. 

From there, I have developed a real passion for the development mental health through my personal training, where I have gained years of experience created workplace wellbeing programs and supporting those struggling with their wellbeing, to build a resilient mindset to overcome a variety of stresses in life.


  • Level 2 in Fitness Instructing

  • Level 3 In Personal Training

  • Wellbeing Coach

  • Mental Health PT Trainee

My Story

Best personal achievement

Finishing 2 Hyrox events in Mixed Double Category 


Best client achievement

Nothing really big coming to my head but it will be Chelsea's half marathon on Sunday, her first event like this. So that will be the biggest one so far.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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