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Hello, I'm Dean

I started as a fitness instructor 15 years ago, with a real ambition to change lives, fresh out of University in 2009, I was ready to unleash my new found knowledge on the world to get people in the best shape of their lives.


I learnt very quickly that the industry was losing touch with people and it was clear back then, as social media became the norm, physical health super exceeded our mental health in terms of training approaches for clients. In my early experiences as a PT I was left a little disgruntled with the support made available to clients and how their overall health lacked real learning experiences and it was very much a 'DO AS I SAY' and you won't go wrong approach. I set out on my own personal journey to learn more about myself and to understand people better.

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  • MSc Sport, Nutrition and Exercise Science 

  • Level 4 S&C Coach

  • Exercise referral Specialist

  • Level 4 Back pain specialist

  • Level 3 PT

  • Hyrox Coach

  • Sports Massage Therapist

My Story

Sport and fitness had always been a big part of my life, playing for a number of pro clubs at Academy level from an early age and swimming at regional level alongside football which set me up to develop a mindset to find a way to win both individually and as a team.

One thing that I really enjoyed was supporting others to succeed and this is where I continued my path after my first PT experience. After this role I worked with the most vulnerable in society, whom were homeless and struggled with their mental health.

I never gave up on this pursuit to help others, where I successfully ascertained funding of up to 300k to support projects all over the UK. These programs helped shape how we support those that struggled to live independently by creating better a routine through Sport, Fitness and Nutrition. These programs won a number of awards and I changed many lives, which led me back to the fitness industry, but this time I was back to make a difference by changing lives for the good long term and not the short term.

In 2017 I set up my first business Trident Nutrition and Training which was a doorstep group training program for staff working out of offices in the area, these sessions took place on carparks and parks in the City of Manchester. The sessions grew from 4 mates to 30 consistent clients taking over Angel Meadow park with an agenda to build a community to support healthier choices in their life.

In 2019 I met my business partner Ricky and the rest is history for Urban Reform, quite possibly my most successful business to date, this whole concept was based on supporting busy people in the City Centre, to give a sense of purpose within health and fitness and allow them to tap into that inner drive to push their bodies to new levels.

Personal Achievements:

Developing a business from scratch, with zero investment and various setbacks to now working with 800 active clients across Greater Manchester.

Client success story:

I have transformed 100's physically and mentally over the years but my stand out client is one that is completely life changing. For many years my client was alcohol dependent and with the support from myself and various agencies/partners we managed to get him to the point where he was drink free for 8 years and counting, competing in various competitions and now he is a PT supporting those who have been on a similar journey.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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